Anna Jerzewska, PhD

I am a free trade agreements and trade facilitation specialist with a combination of private sector, policy and academic experience. I hold a PhD in free trade agreements and have been working in the private sector as a customs and global trade consultant for several years. In addition to trade agreements, I advise clients on a wide range of global trade and customs issues: e.g., customs classification, customs valuation and origin.

I currently work at the International Trade Centre (UN) in Geneva as part of the team behind the Rules of Origin Facilitator ( – find out more about the tool here).

I also currently work as a Brexit Customs Lead for a multinational pharma company based in London.

In addition, I often participate in the International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development (ICTSD) and RTA Exchange policy dialogues in Geneva. The RTA Exchange policy dialogues engage key stakeholders – trade and investment policymakers, business and thought leaders – in discussions on free trade agreements, trade facilitation and wider trade policy to support regulatory coherence and promote convergence. The events allow me to use private sector experience to provide feedback to policymakers on the key challenges faced by companies when trading internationally and particularly under preference.

Following the Brexit referendum on 23 June 2016, I have been engaging with a number of UK-based organisations, such as the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, on UK’s future trade policy. I have advised the UK Government on rules of origin, cumulation and trade agreements policy.

Previously, I worked on free trade agreements policy in East Asia, focusing on the proliferation of bilateral and regional treaties and the impact on the multilateral trading system. I spent 1.5 years in Tokyo conducting interviews with a wide cross section of multinational corporations and senior government officials directly involved in negotiating Japan’s trade agreements. During this time, I participated and contributed during trade policy meetings held by the OECD, APEC and Asian Development Bank.


Some of the organisations that I have worked with recently